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Client Testimonials

Second to None

I can’t tell you how many times I dreaded getting my haircut...Then I met Gil. I sat in his chair, showed him a picture of what I wanted, and he said, “Done!”. The time in the chair was enjoyable. We talked, laughed, and got to know each other and our families. It’s been well over 5 years and I still feel the same way as if it were the first time again. I feel as if he is more of a brother than a barber now. Gil's professionalism when cutting is second to none. He takes his time and uses every tool necessary to make your hair the way you want. Gil is very efficient and provides not only a service but an experience. Your haircut becomes more of a mental spa treatment. I even had Gil cut my child’s hair for his first haircut and the kid did not shed a tear. He’s loving, fun, and caring about the individuals he works with. The atmosphere he exudes is one of passion, commitment, and enjoyment. He is passionate about his profession. He is committed to the results for his clients and makes sure everyone enjoys their time while in the chair. I will never change my barber because of the experience he delivers.

- Ian A -

First Barber I've Ever Trusted

I’m sensitive about my hair, and Gil is the first barber I’ve trusted to give me a great cut every time. He’s made suggestions over time that I’ve liked, but he never makes changes without asking, and doesn’t push if a style isn’t for me. It’s been a pleasure getting to know Gil over the last 6 years. Sometimes we talk, and sometimes we don’t, if he’s getting a fade just right, or a good song comes on. I never feel rushed out, but he doesn’t waste any time. There are lots of decisions to make in life, and it’s nice that I don’t have to make any about my barber.

- Andrew S -

Welcoming Energy and Genuine Personality

I’ve been a client of Gil’s for about 4 years now. It goes without saying that his haircuts have always been exemplary, but Gil’s welcoming energy and genuine personality are why I’ve stayed loyal over the years. His authenticity creates a unique environment - full of open, funny, and intellectual conversations. It’s impossible to leave an appointment with Gil without feeling better about yourself.

- Morgan M -

Let him Work his Magic

I’ve been getting my haircut by Gil for almost 5 years. When I first met Gil I was a traveling haircut, I could never find a barber that could consistently produce the same cut. My first cut with Gil, I simply showed him a picture of my previous cut, and let him work his magic. The cut is always on point, and his professionalism and dedication to his clients is second to none.

- Ethan H -

First Class Service

I have been going to Gil for a little over a year. I walked into a crowded shop, told Gil how I liked my haircut. After that I just sit down and he goes right to work, never had to remind him. I usually never strike conversation with my barbers, I always want to get in and out. I find myself looking forward to the conversation more than the haircut. Gil is the definition of first class service!

- Andrew P -

Kind and Patient Demeanor

Gil makes you feel right at home - he treats his clients like family. No matter the cut you desire, he can make it happen! Gil takes the time to ensure your cut is precise and that you not only walk out a happy customer, but return a loyal client. His kind and patient demeanor makes you feel welcomed and at ease. I have been going to Gil for years - there is a reason for this!

- Brooks L -


Hello. I’m Ott and I’m a 25 year old trans man from Baltimore. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community I'm always hesitant to change barbers, but boy am I glad I did. I’ve been seeing Gil for over 2 years and every time I see him I leave feeling lighter— and not just because of the hair lost. He is welcoming, kind and incredibly accommodating. I never hesitate to refer people to him because he is the embodiment of a-quality-worth-your-money-barber. If you suffer from barber anxiety or barber trust issues, Gil is your guy. A haircut should make you feel refreshed, clean cut and sharp- Gil delivers all of that in the comfort of his suite, free of distractions and the outside world. Take my word for it and give him a shot, years later you’ll be glad you did. I can’t thank him enough for 2+ years of confidence. Thanks Gil!

- Ott -

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